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The importance of Face to Face Connections:

How to help Children  Develop Relationships and Build Important Social skills During this time of Social Isolation - Caregiver Webinar

This webinar will offer some fun little interactive ways to help your child connect in meaningful ways with family and friends, live or virtually.  It will provide knowledge about why it is important to practice face to face connections and how these connections aid in the building of a healthy, calm and regulated Social Engagement System.  This webinar is great for all parents and caregivers who have children who experience social anxiety or social skill challenges or just have youngsters who aren’t able to attend for longer than a minute with others virtually. Play therapy professionals who support families and children would benefit from this webinar as well.

Lorie Walton, M.Ed, RP

Certified Play Therapist Supervisor Trainer

Certified Theraplay Practitioner Supervisor Trainer

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Executive Director Theraplay Canada

Owner of Family First Play Therapy Centre Inc

Lorie Walton is the Founder and Lead Therapist of Family First Play Therapy Centre Inc, in Bradford, Ontario Canada, a centre focused on assisting children and families dealing with attachment, trauma and emotional and developmental issues.  She is an Ontario Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Play Therapist Supervisor and a Certified Theraplay® Therapist Trainer Supervisor.  She has extensive training in working with children who experience attachment loss,  emotional regulation issues and/or trauma.  Along with her private practice, Lorie is the Executive Director of Theraplay Canada, an organization which provides training, supervision and support to Mental Health Practitioners and Children and Families all across Canada. 

Before training to become a Play Therapist, Lorie devoted her life and studies as a Special Needs Resource teacher for children, especially those with Developmental and Physical Disabilities, including Autism.  She has worked with the Ministry of Education Program Standards Unit (Ontario, Canada) as well as for the Ministry of Community, Family and Children’s Services, Special Needs Branch (Ontario, Canada) as a consultant in developing programming for children with Special Needs.   Her involvement at the community level consists of being a past member of the Board of Directors for Blue Hills Child and Family Services in Aurora Ontario for three years.  Lorie was the President for the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy (CACPT) from 2005 to 2010 and was a Board Member for the Theraplay Institute in Evanston Illinois for 3 years.    She provides clinical consultation and play therapy clinical supervision to agencies and to Play Therapists and Theraplay therapists all over the world.  You can reach her at or by calling  905 - 960 - 6819. 

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