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Sometimes the Best Toys Are Not Toys at All!

This webinar is for Children and Youth. 

Being cooped up in your home can bring about a lot of feelings of boredom, uneasiness, lack of creativity and imagination, and loss of connection with others. What if... there were playful items that you could use for whatever you wanted? Items that didn’t just have one way of playing with? In today’s video, Caileigh is going to show you toys – that aren’t toys at all! She will show you how you can become more creative and imaginative, and how to get rid of that boredom and sadness, with items that you find outdoors. 

Caileigh Flannigan
Professional Bio: “Caileigh supports children's mental health and development through her role as a qualifying Play Therapist and Infant and Child Development Specialist in Ontario.  She is a professional member of the Canadian Association for Play Therapy (CAPT) and is currently pursuing certification as a Certified Play Therapist (CPT). Outside of her career, Caileigh is a published outdoor play and loose parts researcher. She advocates for risky play in early childhood, and promotes natural outdoor play and gardening in city spaces. She facilitates professional workshops across Canada and is an online author for multiple internet blogs and websites”

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If you are registering for this Summit after May 7th, you will be enrolled on May 9th, 2020.

List of Materials needed for this webinar:  Anything natural: sticks, twigs, driftwood, stones, pebbles, leaves, flowers, pinecones, pine needles, etc. .

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