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Children in Yoga Class

Yoga for Pandemic Parenting

This workshop will include two, fun and engaging yoga-based lessons for parents and kids to do together at home.  Families with children 12 and under, will enjoy gentle movement and simple games designed to help reduce anxiety by increasing physical movement and family connectedness.

Cynthia Manley MA, CCC, RCT-C is a counsellor in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. She has worked as a Special Education Teacher, a School Counsellor, and has a private practice in New Glasgow. Cynthia’s practice is focused on play therapy with children 12 and under. Her practice offers tele-health therapy online. She can be reached at

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For this workshop participants require a soft place on the floor where everyone participating can stand about one foot apart.  A favourite stuffie for each child will also be used in the webinar and a a snuggly blanket is optional. A small snack would be beneficial. 

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Yoga for Pandemic Parenting

Cynthia Manley

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