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Building self-esteem and Parent-child bonding through Fun and easy Painting techniques to do with your Kids

In this presentation Myria will share how doing arts and crafts with your kids can be fun as well promoting many health and relationship benefits. You will be given a full materials list to engage your children in two fun and simple painting techniques. Myria will walk through the whole process of how to engage with your children using these painting techniques with a demonstration of each step.

After engaging in this webinar participants will:

1. review the many benefits of making arts and crafts with their kids.

2. identity a list of supplies needed for the two painting techniques.

3. experience an engagement activity with  their children while creating fun, easy, art using these two painting techniques.

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Myria Rei Solas

Myria is a certified art and play therapist, and a registered psychotherapist. She is a practicing artist who loves to make art in many mediums including weaving, abstract mixed media painting, visual journaling, and felting. She has made art with her own children, children in the community, and many clients.

Myria Rei Solas RP, MC:AT, CPT.

447 Park St. N

Peterborough ON

K9H 4R1


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