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Gentle Sleep Coaching – How to develop healthy sleep habits for your child

Gentle Sleep Coaching – How to develop healthy sleep habits for your child

Sleep is such a large part of a person’s life – at any age! Without enough sleep a child’s development, behaviours and learning can all be negatively impacted and if the child is struggling with sleep, the caregiver is as well. This can make for a stressful routine for both the child and the parent/caregiver. With a little bit of help and practice to encourage some healthy sleep habits, sleep can be greatly improved!  This webinar will be helpful for caregivers and parents who have children – infancy to 10 as well as children who have special needs.   

1. Caregivers/Parents will have an understanding of secure attachment and a child’s development
2. Caregivers/Parents will be provided with useful sleep coaching techniques 
3. Caregivers/Parents will learn how to encourage and structure good sleep habits with their infants and young children  

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Samantha Walton

Samantha Walton has been a registered Early Childhood Educator for several years working mainly with children 0-3 years of age. After noticing the need for sleep support and going through many sleep struggles with her own 4 children, she decided to build on her education and became a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach.  She is an important part of the Family First Play Therapy Centre’s team and is available to help you via virtual web conferencing, email, phone or in person.    

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Samantha Walton

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