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DIY Green Cleaning 

Green is the New CLEAN

Create your own homemade natural cleaning products to save money, and keep your home toxin-free!

As we go through uncertain times; fear, uneasy and overwhelmed feelings arise for both caregiver and children. Routines are not the same and many of us are struggling to find our new norm.  

Cleaning everything that you bring into the home, washing hands more often and cleaning surfaces more has become a new routine for many. Unfortunately, this can be quite costly and also without even realizing can be exposing yourself and family to excessive amounts of potentially harmful toxins. 

What if I told you I could not only save you $, reduce the amount of toxins so your cleaning could be safer, it was just as effective, PLUS give you an activity that the whole family can engage in? 

Come Join me with your entire family to a DIY Green Cleaning Workshop!

You will learn:

·        Why green cleaning is important for our health and wellness

·        How easy recipes are and they are typically from ingredients you have in your home 

·        Hand on hand learning with children to teach the skills of following a recipe, measuring, and labelling home made items

·        Bonus: adding essential oils to your cleaning regime and recipes not only makes things smell amazing but they can also elevate mood and create a feeling of mental wellness. 

Amanda  Rahija

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