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Falling Down

The Sky is falling!”: Supporting Children’s Emotional Regulation and Sleep patterns during Uncertain Times

This 40 minute webinar workshop for caregivers will address the uprise in sleep disturbance and fears occurring at bedtime for many children during the uncertain times of the COVID19 pandemic.

Billie-Jo Bennett, MSW, RSW, CPT
Registered Social Worker
Certified EMDR therapist
Certified Play Therapist

Certified Neuroptimal Brain trainer

Cambridge, Ontario. 

If you register for this workshop after May 7, 2020 you will be able to join the course on May 9th, 2020.

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Image by Robina Weermeijer

By the end of this webinar participants will 

1) review the the emotional response of children during uncertain times through the lens of neurodevelopment and the triune brain theory

2) review the window of tolerance and how real or perceived threats and changes in routine can cause the child’s window to close, creating fight, flight or freeze reactions

2) review  the term “co-regulation” and what it means to “co-regulate” children from the lens of the triune brain theory

3) Recognize the need to help our children organize their feelings, and “co-regulate” with them to widen their window of tolerance

4) Learn 3 skills to help children regulate and calm their nervous systems

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