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Maya Sloan

In this caregiver presentation, Maya will share how the  teachings of Buddhism can help us and our children in this time of isolation. Maya will discuss how the wisdom from Buddhism can help us understand who we are. She will share  stories that caregivers can use to  teach children about their fundamental goodness as well as the concepts of impermanence and uncertainty. These will replace popular words and concepts such as emotion regulation and calming the nervous system. 

Maya Sloan is a play therapist, counselling therapist and speech-language pathologist in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has practiced mindfulness and Buddhism since she was a teenager. 

She is excited to present what she has learned for herself and put it in child-friendly language and concepts.

Beyond mindfulness for kids: the wisdom of Buddhism for hard times.

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After engaging in this webinar: participants will

-identify how their body will feel when they embrace the uncomfortable. 

-Define compassion

-Identify compassion practices

-Reflect on how to accept and integrate adversity 

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