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Modeling our Courage with regulating activities.

Theresa will discuss how as caregivers we can live and model being courageous for our children using day to day structure and activities.

Theresa Fraser is a  

Child and Youth Care Practitioner, Certified Play Therapy Supervisor(CAN,AUS), Registered Psychotherapist(ONT), Registered Counselling Therapist (NS). Theresa resides in Nova Scotia and can provide therapy / intervention in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

NS and ONT. Theresa Fraser: Rewriting the pandemic story.: Welcome
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By the end of this workshop caregivers will: 

-Reflect on relational interactions shared with family members that enhanced parent/child attachment   

- Identify how structure, activities and events have become cherished memories and inspired courage

-Identify new familial routines that have developed as a result of the family spending lots of time together

-Identify regulating experiences that the family can continue to engage in post pandemic 

-Explore mediums (print/video/audio) that engage children to chronicle their day to day experiences

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NS and ONT. Theresa Fraser: Rewriting the pandemic story.: Sign Up Now
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